A Sports Strategy for South Gloucestershire

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Earlier this year we reported on our work with Bristol City Council on development of their strategy for sport and physical activity.

We were subsequently appointed to work with their neighbours in South Gloucestershire Council to help develop a similar strategy. This made sense as there is a considerable amount of cross-over traffic between the two authority areas – many Bristol residents travel into South Gloucs. to use golf and playing fields whilst others travel in the opposite direction for swimming and water sports.

We have used the new Sport England guidance for pitches and also their “Assessing Needs and Opportunities” methodology for other sports facilities.  This latter guidance has the useful abbreviation/acronym ANOG.

We have consulted widely within the council and with schools, clubs, town & parish councils and the county sports partnership WESPORT.   We have found a community with a hight level of interest and participation in sport and with access to a good range of facilities and opportunities.

The challenge for the future will be to achieve a similar level of opportunity for the projected population growth in the area which could see an additional 40,000 living in South Gloucs. by 2030.


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