Why Choose PLC?

Our values: What makes PLC stand out from our competitors are our values:

Big enough to cope, small enough to care – we make a point of only taking on project workloads that we know we have the time and expertise to complete to the very highest standards. Unlike some larger companies, we therefore dedicate ourselves to only a small number of projects at any one time, so each one is of great importance to use. When we need to supplement our in-house expertise, we have a network of experienced associate consultants, all of whom are industry leaders in their fields, with whom we collaborate on a regular basis and who therefore slot seamlessly into our project teams.

Working with you, not for youwe ensure that we work closely with each client, to make sure that throughout a project you are aware of the stage outputs and can approve them, are able to influence the approach to subsequent study stages if required and can contribute fully to the study as it emerges, whilst at the same time maximising the use of the external resource afforded by the consultancy team.

Who you see is who you get – the project team that is named in our fee proposals is the project team that will undertake the commission. You can therefore rely upon the experience and expertise of the people you meet when you interview us, to deliver your project’.